A1 Bacon

Pre-packed bacon has been our passion for more than thirty years. It’s all we do. Day in, day out, we're proud to deliver a consistently good value, good quality, traditional product … right to our customers' doors.

Confidence in our quality

Why can you have complete trust in getting a good product at a good price?

  • We're accredited to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 9 achieving an A+ grade on an unannounced audit.
  • We work to a proven Total Quality Management System - with stringent quality checks, digitally controlled temperatures, and maximum traceability through batch coding.
  • We work to HACCP principles.

Our people

Every single one of our team of fifty plus people is dedicated to bacon. We don't do anything else. Bacon is our life. We produce more than 40 tons every day. That's why we take such enormous pride in our product. All our people are directly recruited, accountable, medically screened and trained in food safety and hygiene.

Our technology

We've invested more than £5 million in state-of-the-art automation at our modern Essex factory:

  • Advanced computer-controlled slicing technology for consistency and convenience
  • In-line electronic weighing and measuring for complete accuracy
  • Secondary sealing for double protection and ultra-reliable packaging
  • But machines aren't everything. To make sure your product is always to A1 standard, our trained and experienced operatives finish packs by hand.

Easy ordering -
fast delivery

FMCG is a demanding sector. Fast moving means stocks keep selling - so you'll like our next day delivery service. Using our own transport we carry up to 64 pallets of bacon a day, direct to our customers' doors. (For full UK coverage we also use the services of a national carrier.) Scheduled deliveries, booking in times and GPS tracking on our vehicles all make sure you have your bacon where you need it, when you need it.


What our client’s say ... Always very helpful and willing